Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Woman in his life..

My little Noah is going to be one who is least interested in food. I can see it already!! Exactly the opposite of his sister who has had a great appetite and ate with flourish( well!! at least until recently).We will need to come up with creative ways to feed him. But for now,he is taking in all the action. He likes new faces - will wake up from his sleep to respond to a totally new face peering down at him. He has pretty much started his morning baby personal prayer time - pretty much just like my Claire started early...And as our loving Mother peers down at him from the altar , I pray that she may be his constant intercessor and guide. And may be she the most important woman in his life...I hope that as he grows, I can teach him that 'Real men pray the Rosary' and that it is the most powerful weapon anyone will ever need.

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  1. Absolutely right, like Gina says - Hail Mary Full of Grace - Kick the devil in his face.