Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It is OK if you kill me!

Reading to Claire is such a relaxing activity...but at times she does startle me with her perfect interpretations. Reading from a book of Children's Bible stories, we came across Jesus's passion and crucifixion. She says "Jesus is so good. He said it is ok if you kill me..". Such a statement can surely elicit shocked reactions. But I knew where my little munchkin was coming from. She seemed to have gotten the crux of the salvation story better than any one else I know. She knows that there was no way out of Satan's grasp than the redeeming death of Jesus. She knows so well that our dear Lord would not have backed out of that one - knowing that He was taking us from death to life by his humble willingness to suffer and die on the cross.... Out of the mouth of babes flows the deep transforming truth... nothing but the truth...

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